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Yet in her short life, Joan emboldened the French soldiers and villagers with her strength and resolve. A difficult, inflexible leader, she defied her accusers and enemies to the end. From her early years to the myths and fantasies that have swelled since her death, Taylor teases out a nuanced and engaging story of the truly irresistible "ordinary" girl who rescued France.

The anonymous author of the Journal of the Bourgeois of Paris , whose notes cover the years from to , was a churchman affiliated with the cathedral of Notre-Dame or the University of Paris rather than a merchant. His descriptions of living conditions in Paris, including harvest failures, omens, and the cost and quality of wine, offer a vivid inside look at the city before and during the brief siege.

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The Parisians had learned to fend for themselves, viewing the dukes of Burgundy, whom the Bourgeois characterizes as neglectful to a fault, as only slightly better that then despised Armagnacs and English. On September 8, between eleven and twelve in the morning, the large French army arrived at the moats Learn more about The Virgin Warrior at the Yale University Press website.

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Or so Yolande thought. Saumur Castle, where Yolande of Aragon often stayed. The girl Yolande helped create turned out to be so much stronger, more willful and bold than she could ever have imagined.

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She did not take orders well, and she always believed she was right. The rest is history. Remaining castle keep where Joan was shown instruments of torture, Rouen. That story, continued with her captivity and trial performance, is what I have tried to convey in The Virgin Warrior.

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It is the story of raw talent, street smarts, and a real girl who performed miracles. I only realized as I was preparing to write my Presidential Address for the American Catholic Historical Association in Chicago on January 7, that it would be years and one day after the birth of Joan of Arc according to the only source that provides an exact date. I assumed that would be the beginning of the end of my active involvement with Joan. Happily I was wrong. She had read Virgin Warrior and asked if I would be interested in addressing the audience before one of the performances.

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Andrus Nichols played the bold and sassy girl who believed in herself and in France even when those around her lacked will. It turned out that was the beginning of an adventurous half year. It was the opportunity of a lifetime, since I had fallen in love with history through historical novels, including Pillars of the Earth. The cameras were quite intimidating even though the British, Dutch and German directors and crew were incredibly supportive and encouraging, especially in the drenching rains that accompanied filming in Rouen and Chinon.

I pointed out the ruins of Saint-Sauveur, the church from which she asked the local Dominicans to bring a crucifix she could see even as the flames engulfed her.