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The vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean stretches away from the nearby shoreline and over the sweeping horizon. When the sun rises over the horizon each morning, is the top of Cadillac the first patch of soil in the continental United States to directly receive its rays?

Earth’s Rotation:

The issue was fiercely debated toward the end of as people began making plans for watching the sunrise on Jan. Many declared their intent to ascend Cadillac Mountain to be the first to see the dawn of the s, but at the eastern tip of Washington County, which bills itself as the Sunrise County, the communities of Lubec and Eastport were staking their claims, too.

They appealed to the U. Naval Observatory for an official determination.

Eastport, which is organized as a city rather than a town, declared it would be the first city in the United States to see the sun that day. Since then, however, the discussion of which locale in Maine is the first to greet the sunrise has included another variable.

Sun rise pictures

It depends, officials say, on the time of year. Mount Katahdin is not in the the competition, however, according to officials at Baxter State Park. Mars Hill, on the other hand, is happy to throw its hat in the ring. The Aroostook County town, named after the windmill-topped 1,foot-tall mountain that looms over the Canadian border, promotes its claim with its office supplies. Lubec also holds its sunrise heritage in high esteem, according to Town Administrator John Sutherland.

Discipleship Ministries | History of Hymns: "Rise to Greet the Sun"

According to news reports, about people gathered at West Quoddy Head, a peninsula in Lubec that is the easternmost part of Maine, to see the Jan. The increase was mainly because of rises in self-cutting and use of self-harm to relieve unpleasant feelings, the authors said. Despite rising rates of self-harm, the researchers said they did not find evidence of an increase in people seeking treatment.

The proportion of people who said they had no contact with medical or psychological services after self-harming was Jacqui Morrissey, assistant director of research and influencing at Samaritans, said: "Self-harm is a sign of serious emotional distress and while the majority of people who self-harm will not go on to take their own life, it is a strong predictor for future suicide risk. We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team?

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  • Sign in. Then get some good earplugs so any misleading sounds won't distract you. And paint your car windows black so that the motion of objects relative to you don't throw you off. Remember that when it comes to the rotation of the Earth, everything around you is moving at the same speed - you, the trees, the houses, your pet dog, everything.

    OK, now, how fast are you going? You have no way to tell. You don't feel like you're moving. You feel just as you would if you were standing still!

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