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Fun Activities. Essay Topics. Short Essay Questions. Short Essay Questions Key. Multiple Choice. Multiple Choice Key. Short Answer Questions. Short Answer Questions Key. Oral Reading Evaluation Sheet. Reading Assignment Sheet.

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Writing Evaluation Form. One Week Quiz A. Two Week Quiz A.

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Four Week Quiz A. Four Week Quiz B. Eight Week Quiz A. Eight Week Quiz B. Incorporate a minimum of three "mini-quotes" from the play. Extra Credit! Complete the directions for Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance loaded under documents handouts are in the classroom Absence Binder. Read Hamlet, Act I, i, ii. Complete the speech analysis for Claudius' first monologue, Act I, ii pp. Complete the Obasan Green Reader Diary entry. Spend no more than 40 minutes.

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If absent, get presentation notes copied in EW Journal. Sample presentation powerpoints are loaded under documents. Compare the exemplars on AP Central, Question 2. If you are absent, you can get a copy of the passage for Question 2 on the A. Central website. See powerpoint loaded under documents.

Ethan Frome - Audiobook - Chapter 1

Complete the passage analysis packet. Read pp. Read in Obasan. Be ready for pop quizzes and start working on annotations. Oedipus Debate.

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Respond to the reading prompts 2 , pp end. Respond to the reading prompts for pp Read the first 17 pages of Oedipus Rex. Highlight all unfamiliar words. Define 10 in your EW Journal. Complete the Untitled Multiple Choice. See All Resource Types. Ethan Frome Unit Bundle. All of the Literary Lyceum materials on the novel are included in this bundle, which makes it a tremendous deal. Over pages of materials and over 50 Powe.

Literature , Writing-Essays , Close Reading. Show 11 included products. Add to cart. Wish List. Divorce and the Sick: Informational text related to Ethan Frome. This worksheet includes a non-fiction article and accompanying multiple choice and short answer questions. The short answer question is related back to Ethan Frome.

This article is a great way to get Common Core non-fiction close reading into a literature unit. Other , Worksheets , Novel Study. Each edition also contains a "Words to Know" section, which students can refer to as they come across d. English Language Arts , Literature. Fun Stuff , Novel Study , Printables. This is an outline, graphic organizer that helps students to analyze the character, Ethan Frome from the novel by Edith Wharton. This is a great notetaking guide for students studying a character s in depth.

Great reproducible for the classroom.

Ethan Frome Chapter 1 by Marisa Mark on Prezi

English Language Arts , Reading , Literature. Handouts , Outlines , Novel Study. Ethan Frome Reading Comprehension Set. Complete set of quizzes and questions!

today`s lesson plan here.

Reading comprehension questions are an excellent way to reinforce students' understanding. These reading comprehension questions for Ethan Frome cover the main plot points of the text, so that you can rest assured that students know the basics before you begi. Reading , Literature , Reading Strategies. Study Guides , Assessment , Novel Study. Biographical information on Edith Wharton and background information on Ethan Frome. Discussion of themes, symbols, and motifs in Ethan Frome. Contains period pictures from 's New England. Everything one needs to start a unit on Ethan Frome. See other resources for teaching Frome on my produ. PowerPoint Presentations.

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  8. Set of reading quizzes for Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. Each quiz is short answer and approximately questions in length. Quizzes cover all chapters of Ethan Frome. Excellent checkup quizzes to ensure quality reading of this famous work of American literature.

    Examinations - Quizzes , Assessment. This final project is given at the end of reading Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. It is designed for students to be able to choose their own assignments to show their greatest strengths. It is layered into three levels. Students are given assignment options each worth different amounts of points. Projects , Assessment , Homework. Ethan Frome and the Unreliable Narrator.