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Cambridge, V. Journal of American Folk-Lore. Cited JAFL. Journal of Philology. See Somadeva. Tales of the Sun, or Folklore of Southern India. Folk-Tales of Kashmir.

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Kleinere Schriften. Zur Maerchenforschung. Edited by J. Weimar, Cited Koehler-Bolte. Folk-Tales of Bengal.

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Custom and Myth. Recueil de contes populaires grecs. Paris, Bengali Household Tales. Deutsche Volksmaerchen aus Schwaben. Stuttgart, Serbian Folk-Lore. Orient und Occident, insbesondere in ihren gegenwaertigen Beziehungen, etc. Goettingen, See Benfey. Studien zur germanischen Sagengeschichte. Muenchen, Persian Tales: The Days. References are to the 6th edition.

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Fiabe, Novelline e Racconti Popolari Siciliane. Palermo, Kinder--und Volksmaerchen. Petersburg, Russian Folk Tales. Cited Ralston 1. Cited Ralston 2. Aparato Bibliografico. Madrid, Die Neuislaendischen Volksmaerchen. Halle, Recueil de contes populaires de la Kabylie. Romancero General. Romania: Recueil trimestriel. Paris, current since Lo Rondallayre.

Quentos populars catalans, colleccionats per Fr. Maspons y Labros. Barcelona, ROTH, H. See Tibetan Tales. Litauische Maerchen, Sprichworte, Raetsel und Lieder. Maerchen und Sagen aus Waelschtirol. Innsbruck, Walachische Maerchen. See Bahar-i-Danush. Tales from the Land of Nuts and Grapes.

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The Nights, now first translated into English by W. Yule-Tide Stories. Thousand and One Nights. See Arabian Nights' Entertainment. Tibetan Tales. Translated from the Tibetan of the Kah-Gyur by F.

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Done into English from the German, with an Introduction, by W. Tootinameh; or Tales of a Parrot. Persian text with English translation. Calcutta, Boehmisches Maerchenbuch. Prag, Georgian Folk Tales. Basque Legends. London 2d ed.

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Sixty Slavonic Folk-Tales. Volksmaerchen der Serben. Berlin, Narrated by Macaria Garcia. The story is popular among the Pampangans. There was once an old woman who had an only son named Suan. His mother sent him to school. Instead of going to school, however, Suan climbed up the tree that stood by the roadside. As soon as his mother had passed by from the market, Suan hurried home ahead of her.

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  7. When she reached home, he cried, "Mother, I know what you bought in the market to-day. This same thing happened so repeatedly, that his mother began to believe in his skill as a diviner.