Guide How to Integrate Career and Caregiving: A Guide for Working Professionals

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The Challenge of Caring for Children

Introduction 10 What is Care Partnering? Care Partner Self-Assessment 2. Care Partner Burden Calculator 3. Home Safety Evaluation Checklist 4. Daily Needs and Routine Tracker 6.

Working with Carers: A guide for health & social care professionals

What-If Plan. First Name. Last Name. All need—and deserve—the same organizational and managerial support. Keep pictures of your own family, including children if you have them, visible in your workspace. Allow access to your calendar so the team can see your personal obligations. Stay current on available resources and make sure working parents in your group are informed, too. Schedule internal or elective meetings outside the hours in which parents need to handle caregiving transitions.

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Introduce the expectant father on your team to colleagues who have taken paternity leave. Host a lunch for parents in the department to swap tips about work travel.

More important, rehearsing gives you time to iron out the wrinkles. That means that you need to become as mindful and deliberate as possible about where your time and sweat equity are going and why—or risk practical-challenge overload. Try sitting down with your complete calendar, your to-do list s , and a red pen. Highlight the commitments, tasks, and obligations you could have put off, handled more efficiently, delegated, automated, or said no to over the past week—and then do the same for the week ahead.

Be ruthless—and look for themes. Practically, this exercise can create some much-needed slack in your calendar and shorten your to-do list. To make any working-parent communication easier and more effective, think of yourself as putting it inside a frame, defined on four sides by your priorities, next steps, commitment, and enthusiasm.

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In other words, acknowledge the reality and depth of your current feelings, identify a point of imminent relief, and then project far forward, to ultimate, positive outcomes. Most of us have deeply ingrained views of who we are as professionals and how we wish to be known.

Remember Jacob, the expectant father? Like most working parents, he was feeling the pressures of multiple core challenges, and he wanted to contain their impact on his upcoming parental leave and eventual return to work. He began by framing his conversations with clients: announcing his impending absence, previewing his time out of the office, reiterating his dedication, and describing how his team would see critical advisory projects through. Next, after carefully auditing his post-leave calendar, Jacob determined that a number of his work meetings in faraway cities could be done remotely, freeing up additional precious time to spend with his little girl.

Later, when he was on the road, he reminded himself that the trip was short and the return home would be joyous—and that his career success would help ensure a stable financial future for the entire family.

Plan ahead to maintain your sanity.

During his month at home, he and his wife also anticipated and rehearsed their caregiving plans, deciding that they would ask for supplemental help from family members on the days she was on call. Several months into working fatherhood, Jacob reported being busier than ever but feeling in charge and on track. As for Gabriela, she concluded that in trying to be all things to all people, she had taken on too much.

The professional-recasting process also gave her the time, clarity, and confidence to prepare for effective conversations with her managers, in which she better framed her ambitions and desired schedule.

Dementia: A Caregiver’s Guide

Together, we came up with a plan to mitigate the effects on her personally and professionally. Additionally, when her son was away visiting colleges, Connie rehearsed her evenings and weekends as an empty nester. With new habits in place, her stress subsided. But as with any challenge, the more you break it down, the less daunting it becomes. Daisy Wademan Dowling is the Founder and CEO of Workparent , a consulting firm that provides practical, commercial advice, solutions and training to working parents and to the organizations that employ them.

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